Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Leaving Las Cruces and Carlsbad Caverns

 We decided to fill up with gas  as we were leaving Las Cruces.

Um.... GAS LEAK!         ..... WHAT!?!?!

I get out to find Eric under the back end of the RV with gas dripping out all over.  He was able to tighten something up and stop the leak.  It had to do with the "air vent." We were parked on an incline which enabled the leak to be detected, but disallowed us to fill the tank.  So I stood at the pump, holding the nozzle and Eric drove away to turn around and avert the boat on the trailer sticking out in the next stall over.
It's a sight to see the RV in hairpin turn mode.
The leak had stopped and we proceeded to fill up.  Eric pointed out our fuel choices....

Not octane, but left, center, or right.  I guess that's why I didn't see sports cars filling up at this station. No high octane here!

While seeing a gas leak was super scary, It was minor and Eric got it to stop.  Parking the way we did called it to Eric's attention.  If not we could have been leaking gas our entire drive.  So we considered it a blessing.

We arrived at The RV park, and I had to figure out our arrangements.  I talked to 3 different people and received three different answers to one question.  I was confused and frustrated.  However, it worked out in the end.

Eric got up early and went right to work.  I got the onions up a little later.  A couple of them had been reading for quite a while.
We ate and got ready for our day very quietly, in almost complete silence.  Eric didn't even know when we left.  Yay!  I am grateful we did not interrupt his meetings.

While Eric worked, we went to Carlsbad Caverns........         AMAZING!
It took us about an hour to walk down the 75+ stories to get down to the bottom where the "Big Room" cave was.  We then spent about an hour walking around the cave.  The path was over 1 mile long.  It's not the deepest cave, or the longest cave in the world, but it's the coolest one I have ever been in.

This is the beginning.  The hole behind the onions is the entrance.

This is the other side looking down, one switchback later.  I think to myself: "take a deep breath."  Heights are not my favorite thing.  I think:  "put your big girls pants on and DO this thing!"  I am so glad I pushed through  little fear.  The reward of the view was more than my fear ever was.

The trail in was super cool.


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You can see all of the pictures here.

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