Monday, November 21, 2022

Temple and Priesthood Preparation Meeting

Temple and Priesthood Preparation Meeting

Here is my full meeting plan.

After doing the rock climbing idea, I created my own to that layout.

You are welcome to copy and/or use any of the materials below for your T & PH Prep Meeting

General Invitation: click here and scroll down

Personalized Invitation: click here and scroll down

I found a couple of invitations that I liked, but wanted to incorporate CAIRNS. My 16 year old daughter designed exactly what I asked for.  I have them printed on photo paper and snail mail them.

Program and other Handouts: click here and scroll down

Letter to Parents: click here

Introduction to CAIRNS talk: click here

Youth rotations (all): click here and scroll down

        DIRECTION: Recognizing the Holy Ghost

        HONOR GOD: Understanding the Priesthood and Priesthood Blessings

        ESTABLISHING BOUNDARIES: Priesthood Ordinances and Responsibilities

        SAFETY: Making and keeping covenants

Closing remarks, inspiring quotes, and some of my own thoughts: click here

The purpose of this meeting is to help “children understand the 

blessings of temple service, 

priesthood service, 

and making and keeping sacred covenants.”

Possible topics

“priesthood purposes, 



and blessings

This meeting is for the children turning 12.However, the youth are a wonderful resource that can have a great impact on the children moving into Young Men and Young Women.  Involving the youth in this meeting not only helps the children recognize and get to know the youth while preparing for the priesthood and for the temple; it helps the youth to teach what they believe by giving them the opportunity to contemplate their experiences and share what they know about the temple and the priesthood.

I felt prompted to wait until I saw the new Youth theme for 2023.  The image is a cairn! 


At first, I was unimpressed.  Then I did a little research.  There is a lot you can do with CAIRNS!

I spoke with the YW president and with the priest quorum advisor about what topics were most important for the children coming into YM and YW, and also for the youth.  And developed 4 talk/presentation ideas.

I read that attention spans are shorter than we would like to think. 10 minute Rotations seem to be about the right amount of time for all involved. Walking between rotations helps break things up. Changing locations helps retain what is presented.

I go into opening exercises at Youth Activities, list all "job openings" for the T & PH prep meeting, and ask for volunteers. I ask that 1 young man and 1 young woman present at each rotation.

I provide goodie bags for each child moving into YM and YW. They will receive a list of the temple recommend questions, a For the Strength of Youth Guidebook, a True to the Faith book, a copy of the YM or YW theme to put in their scriptures, quotes about temples, etc. They will also receive additional gifts at the end of each rotation. This year it is a rock or 2 to build their own cairn.

This was a large meeting in our ward, about 90 people. I live in a rural area and invited the families of all involved - no cranky people with hungry bellies, please!. If your ward is closer, you may want to just invite those involved.

If you made it this far:  Wow! you are thorough.  Good for you.  I hope you can use some of what I have posted.  I wish you well in creating a special and memorable day for the upcoming Youth in your ward. 

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