What is Georgics?

When I first heard the term Georgics, I thought it had something to do with George Washington. 
Not so.
SIDE NOTE: George Washington Carver was Georgic)

Georgics is an idea, or an ideal.  A way of living.  There is no cut and dry definition for what Gerogics is exactly. 

However, I identify deeply with Georgics.  I have been striving to live a Georgic lifestyle without knowing a term for it existed.

The term was first written (recorded) as the title of a "didactic poem on farming by the Roman poet Virgil."
You can read the poem that has been separated into 4 sections.

In 1978 Paul Harvey delivered a speech to the FFA: 'So God Made a Farmer'  
Watch the video on youtube.
Georgics is this and more, but you can get the feel as you watch the 2 minute video.

One of the Georgics mentors in our home school group put it this way:

"Georgics is a class in our homeschool group. It teaches important principles like
 providence, entrepreneurialism, local and community independence, 
real estate ownership, and more. 
Mostly, it's about making connections: 
connections regarding who they are, their relationship with others, 
their relationship with God and their relationship with the earth. 
This class is like soul food. It's wonderful!
                                                                                                -Rachel Petrich

I will add:
It's more than a class.  It is life changing and a way of living.

A different home school group described Georgics this way:

Living the principles of Providence, Mission, Self-validation, Ownership, 
Community Stewardship, Local Interdependence, 
and Entrepreneurialism is the foundation of living a “Georgic” life. 
The Georgic lifestyle is vital in maintaining liberty and the privileges that come with it.
From:   https://www.dixieleadershipacademy.com/fall-2017-registration/georgics

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  1. Dearest Jaimi, I just read your "Spring Projects" post. I LOVE reading all about your Georgic activities and projects. You and your families are amazing! Everyone works together and cooperates, and so much is accomplished. Also, I think your new bathroom looks lovely.