Sunday, May 6, 2018

Two Birthdays + Tech Week

Elanor’s birthday was on Tuesday!


It is a party year for her and she has been planning for a while! She invited 3 friends to go to Boondocks. She made her own cake and frosting and decorated it the way she wanted. We took the “party bus,” aka our RV to pick up each girl. We left our parking spot at 8:30am. We made it to Boondocks by 10:30. I am grateful we had the free vouchers from a few years ago for our family. Boondocks was super fun for all! Of course, Elanor and her friends were doing their own thing for most of the time watched from afar. Laser tag, go-karts, mini golf, bumper boats, arcade!


We sang and ate cake in the RV on our way to lunch. Pizza at Blaze.

This week is also tech week for Seth and Amelia in a Shakespeare play (rehearsals every day)  We made it to play practice with just minutes to spare. We parked near a tall tree and decided to relax and wait to go home after practice.

Tech week also meant I had to do my job. When we met at the amphitheater, I was to put up the curtains I and a fellow homeschool mom made. I took serious ownership of this assignment and had a pretty good system by showtime yesterday.

I realized I have had very little control over anything lately and I used the insignificant curtains to fill that void. I may have been just a little zealous. Ha ha ha. Thankfully, my homeschool group loves me anyway!

Friday was another whirlwind day, scurrying from one place to the next. Marianne and Ric (my cousin and her husband) and Isabel and Elora (their two girls) came out from California for the weekend. We went out to dinner and to Costco with them. We cannot forget the jam and GF ramen noodles that cannot be found elsewhere!  Of course, our family and theirs left with much more than either of us intended to get,
It was lovely to see them!
They went on to visit with Heather’s daughter, Rachel, and to go to a musical, Hamilton!

Amelia and Seth did wonderfully in the play! I was so impressed with them. Eric and I saw the director of the boys home Seth was in a while back. We discovered he was in another family’s ward and had come to see them. This man was quite emotional and was so amazed to see Seth doing well and performing in a play. It was touching.

Being with our home school group ALL day was just wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed working with, sharing a meal with, and bonding with all involved. The play was great too. Watching all the work and effort pay off in the end was a nice reward.


Today is Eric’s birthday!


I have been so absorbed with the week and play practices and performances that I failed to take the onions shopping for their dad. Oh bother.

I felt bad, but Eric was understanding and super great about it.

I did manage to make a crooked cake. One round was level, but the other leaned to one side. I couldn’t figure that one out.  RV's!

We ate with Steven and Nancy’s family and sang and ate cake. We also called Kenny (Eric’s twin) and sang to him. It was pitiful and hilarious!


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