Sunday, May 13, 2018


On Monday, I took the onions shopping for Dad. We all pitched in and decided on a versatile computer bag for his new lap top. It can be briefcase like, a shoulder bag, or a backpack. It was not what he asked for, but he liked it! The onions got him lots of candy and some cookies too. I got him a new white shirt for church. I think it turned out to be a happy belated birthday.

We headed to the Amphitheater for the last performance of the play. It went well. We saw more and more people we knew! Steven and Nancy came with Spencer too!

After the play, we packed up and headed to the cast party. Everything was so nice. The food was delicious. We stayed out till 11 pm. 11 pm on a Monday? Only homeschoolers!

Argh. Another extremely late night though.

This week, we attempted to make toothpaste. Yes, I say attempted. We tried 3 different recipes that a friend suggested. All turned out differently - one big mud clump, watery with undissolved sweetener, and soupy and gooey. We combined the clump and the soupy/gooey one.
Well, I think that in the world of toothpaste, there is such thing as over mixing. However, I have been brushing my teeth with the homemade paste. My teeth feel cleaner and smoother, and brighter! I love the results and there is not poisonous fluoride or other harmful chemicals. We may have to experiment a bit more to come up with something everyone is willing to use.  I have another recipe to try and maybe I'll work on the combination one without over mixing.


Naomi was nowhere to be found the other day. How hard is it to lose someone in an RV? Really!  After asking, looking, and calling, I found her under the rig. Where the RV slides out, it leaves a large void underneath. There, Naomi was happily playing with her Legos for one of her classes. Too cute! She told me it was her “Lab.”
I suggested she take a beach towel. Perfect. I have since found Naomi in her lab reading, playing, and even eating a snack. She has invited Scott to join her from time to time as well. I am so proud of her that she has made a place all her own and is able to have her own space when she needs more than her cubby in the bedroom offers.

Eric and I were invited to go on a quadruple date Thursday night. My first ever! I am grateful for wonderful friends!
I realized I did not take any pictures. Here I am chronicling my life and totally oblivious to the visual aids. Silly me!  Maybe next time.
Anyway, we talked about anything and everything and could have talked much, much more. It was nice to have some adult only time.

Another late night?!?! What kind of people have we turned into?
We have a little while longer to get into a routine.  We will do it!  At least I will tell myself so.

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