Monday, February 25, 2019

4 Projects Left

We have settled into somewhat of a routine....

We have reestablished our weekly chore system.  One of my favorites is dinner.  Each of the onions creates a menu for an entire week. They make the grocery shopping list, and do shopping.  Then they are involved with cooking dinner every night for that week.  I help them as little or as much as they want me to.  I love this time with my children, and they are learning valuable life skills.

Eric went to New York on business.  He was in down town Manhattan.  I have always wanted to visit New York City.  Maybe I'll go with him.....

Although... I do not have a desire to go ice skating.

Sometimes life is lazy....

Naomi found this "game."  
There are 3 houses and 3 utilities.The object of the game is to draw lines from each utility to each house WITHOUT crossing any lines.....
She was so convincing!
Almost everyone tried it and ended in frustration mixed with laughter.
It's a trick.  It is IMPOSSIBLE!    

We were given some "Larabars" from our dear church friends.

Eric was in charge of the treat for Family Home Evening. 
He decided to take us all to his favorite ice cream place... 40 MINUTES EACH WAY.
I avoid ice cream because of it's negative effects on my body and Eric eats rather quickly.  
Although they had a flavor I had never tried and absolutely loved - black licorice!  Scott shared 4 bites.
This is what it looks like as we pass the time waiting for our onions to eat ice cream!


We went to a Thai place that had great reviews.
My curry was the best I have had.  
Eric's Cashew Chicken was the worst he had ever had. Bummer

We discussed replenishing our food storage.  We calculated what we might consume daily for a year and then converted it to 4 and 5 gallon buckets.  
2 cups = 1 lb rice
We consume 3 cups of rice when we cook it. 3 cups = 1.5 lbs
On average, we eat rice about 3 times each week
3 x 52 = 156 days per year
1.5 lbs x  156 days = 234 lbs
4 gallon buckets hold 25 lbs of rice
234 /25 = 9.36 buckets
Always round up - 10 buckets of rice!
What if we ate it every day?
We figured out many of the foods we eat this way - legumes, oats, sugar, flour, etc

We have 4 more projects on the list of home improvements:
                                       1. Move the fireplace to the front of the house
                                       2. FLOORING
                                       3. Shelving
                                       4. Trim
Trim cleans everything up and completes any room.  I want a finished house!
We headed to various stores.  
We found a wide variety of shelving options and faucets at Lowes.  
We found a wide variety of flooring at Home Depot.
so romantic..... right?

We purchased a white metal shelving unit and a finished board to serve as Amelia's desk.
We bought one box of flooring (to be certain that I like it), some paint, a sledge hammer, and a star shaped wedge.

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  1. Love your blog! Thanks for sharing your families fun life. Great ideas to share with my children too. Especially the cooking idea.mmy daughters children are young. But still could be involved. So love the Larsen family. 🥰