Friday, February 8, 2019

Living in the STICKS

I have always wanted to live in a green country setting.  Some people call it the middle of nowhere.  Some call it the boonies, or "boon dawgies."  Here it's called the sticks.

Living in the sticks is beautiful, serene, and even magical.  

Ice storms are spectacular.

The chickens want in when it gets cold.

Despite the cold, they continue to lay eggs.

Naomi has asked for a doorway bar to play on..... 

Naomi is generous and shares.

Family game fun.

Enjoying our California lemons

Scott found that the bucket of water was frozen.  

Thankfully we have a heated bucket in addition to our regular buckets.

We celebrated my birthday!  I loved ALL of my gifts.

We made toothpaste!

Grandma and Nana (aunt Donna) came to visit! 
 It was wonderful to have them in our home!

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  1. The chickens looking in the window is my very favorite photo so far :)