Tuesday, March 12, 2019

All in a days' work

We usually have some type of plan for Saturday - going to the temple, youth Super Saturday, a service project, or a church activity.  We had NOTHING on the calendar!  It turned out to be a very productive WORK DAY!

Eric chopped wood the good old fashioned way.  The logs were too big for our hand hydraulic wood splitter.  It turns out that it's faster too.  Wood splitting is a constant need this year.  We will be much more proactive in cutting wood in the years to come.

The onions (mostly Scott) stacked the wood and Eric split it!

Eric was quite worn out from chopping wood all morning.
But on to the next project.  

We got Amelia a shelving unit and a board to use as a desk.  While she was super excited about the desk, she did not like the shelves.  

Eric didn't skip a beat.  He changed out the kitchen sink faucet!  
The old one had separate hot and cold handles - not my favorite.  The sprayer leaked and sprayed about 2 feet sideways if pulled down.  And the soap dispenser did not work.

I did not want a brand new faucet to look dingy from the hard water buildup left on the sink.  I remembered my dad telling me that "The Works" toilet bowl cleaner gets off hard water - easy peasy.  I bought some when he was visiting us here, but I had not tried it on hard water until I thought of it when Eric was ready to put the new faucet in.  
I poured some onto a sponge and it practically wiped away.  Very little effort was needed!  

Eric also changed out a shower head in our bathroom.  LOVE IT!
I am grateful every time I step into the shower!

I had arranged for a piano tuner to come on that same Saturday.

The cubscouts are doing their annual pinewood derby.  This year, they invited the girls too!

I decided I did NOT like the box of flooring I thought I wanted.  Amelia talked me into considering a darker shade.  I like it even more and it will work better for our home.

The contractor that did the outside of our house came to take a look at the inside for me.  I want the wood stove IN the living space we actually use.  We measured and taped off the area.  Then on to the pantry and library and master closet.  He said it would be best to move the stove first, then put the other flooring in.  So we are waiting on him before installing the floor.

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  1. Man! You guys make a new meaning of work! Hope you all are well! Love to you all❤️