Wednesday, August 29, 2018

New Car, New House, New challenges

We spent a few days at the RV park waiting until we moved into our house.  We looked at a few cars and finally decided on one.

It's a 2013 Chevy Suburban.  It's roomy and has cargo space!


OK, well, not moved IN, but we are on the property, still living in our RV while we get the house in order.
It has been an interesting experience to buy a house and have a personal relationship with the seller, rather than the very sterile experience when going through a real estate agent.  They helped us unload our truck.  We helped them load theirs.  We went to the electric company and got the account transferred in minutes (no other utilities or bills).

Here are some pictures of what we are up to.

From Saturday to Tuesday.  We have cleared almost every room.  All furniture out.  All carpet out (2 rooms).  Paint cans, space heaters, jars, things they left for us, things they left, and random items out.  Bathrooms steam cleaned.  Kitchen wiped.

Piglet was "buggy," so he slept in the house Saturday night.  

[Note: I do not like to go to sleep feeling like there are bugs crawling all over me.  Here, when it feels like that, it is because that's what is happening!  So gross!  Thankfully, we have learned how to avoid it, even when bugs are everywhere.  Garlic keeps ticks from biting.  Salt scrubs get the chiggers off.  And fleas don't like water.]

I bathed Piglet on Sunday.  His skin appeared mostly black when I got him wet.  He must have had more than 500 fleas!  and ticks too!  It made me so sad.  Horrible.  Poor little doggie.  
Monday morning I bought foggers and pest spray.  Amelia's seminary teacher suggested I call a pest control place.  It lasts much longer and it's much more thorough.  
As opposed to poison and chemicals as I am, I doubt I could have fought the bug fight successfully.  Per instructions, I shopvac-ed the entire house before the guy came Tuesday morning.  I couldn't find my vacuum hose, and I was told to vacuum 1-3 times per day, so I bought a vacuum, and got back to work.  We shall see how it goes.
I also bought Piglet the "good" flea control.  It is supposed to be quite effective.  If it means no bugs or dead bugs, then I want it.  I don't want him bringing in bugs every time he goes out and comes back in.  What a headache.

We also have wasps.  They hover around the garage that our stuff is in.  We have to be careful every time we go in or out of the structure.  Elanor was stung on her arm and nose.  SO painful.  She's NOT allergic though!  Eric was stung on his ankle, also not allergic.

I did not expect the bugs to be the issue they have become.  New area.  New climate.  New challenges to solve and overcome.

The onions are struggling with bugs, anticipation, and overwhelm.  But they are helping and are impressive in what they are capable of!
When I get discouraged or overwhelmed, I try to envision the end result in my head.  Motivation.

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