Saturday, August 4, 2018

Back to Utah

I wanted to provide a map of our travels, but it seems I need two.  (Too many stops)
The first map is includes the bulk of our travels over the past couple of months.
The second map is our stay in MO and our journey back.

We have traveled 3500 miles and hundreds more in our car looking at properties and just driving around.

We left Mansfield, MO, at 4 pm on Friday afternoon.  Eric drove till 11 pm.  He started driving at 8 am and pulled into Steven and Nancy's driveway at 10:45 pm.  It took us almost 2 months to meander to our new home and less than 2 days to return.

We have been in Utah a few short days and have enjoyed ourselves.

My temple recommend expires in August and in Missouri, the soonest we could renew it is September.  Since our records are still in our Springville ward, we went to church, renewed our temple recommends (bishopric and stake presidency) and attended a ward activity all in the same area on the same day.
Grandma Robin, and Mimi and Karl and family came to visit too!

On Monday, Brent and Misty came over. Grandma Robin and Hunter and Bryce came too.  It was so nice to see everyone.

I took my car to the mechanic and learned that it needs a very expensive transmission that would be worth more than the cost of the car itself.

Tuesday, we visited with friends, the Maxfields, and a quick hello to the Petrich family. 

Then headed to the Harry Potter party to drop off Seth and Amelia they were invited to.  When we arrived the whole family was invited to stay!

The onions had a great time playing Harry Potter themed games.

We visited with the May family at a park Wednesday.
Scott plays on playground equipment in unique ways.  He climbs the poles and sits or stands ON the equipment.  I looked up and found him on top of the swings!
I looked up again to see him run at the tree in the background kick off the trunk and jump to the branch to get into the tree.

Wednesday night we went to see the Farnsworths in their new home. AND to meet their little boy!  The onions had a delightful time playing with toddler toys.  No one chose toys to bring in the RV, for the most part.  We had such a nice visit and they have a lovely home.

Thursday, we decided to try wrecking yards to find a transmission to swap.  Um, still significantly NOT worth it!  So I took it to a dealership and took what they offered for it.  Good bye "Mrs Toad."  We will buy a new vehicle when we get to Missouri.

Then we went and visited with the Brookes family.  It warms my heart when children of varying ages get together and play and genuinely have fun.  I had a great time too!

Eric and I went to the temple!  I didn't go with a specific question to have answered.  I just felt overwhelming gratitude.  Eric did too.  Where we are in Utah, there are 7 temples within 60 miles.  Our nearest temple in Missouri will be 240 miles away.  It is a blessing to have so many temples so close.

Although Eric has not had problems with his previous phones, he has dropped his new phone a few times.  Thursday night -  it broke.  Yikes!  No good.  I am grateful for the insurance we got, but the hoops of fire to jump through make it frustrating.  He got it fixed, but now it has new issues.

I have a rash:
Friday morning, left forearm

Saturday morning left forearm

I had a similar rash a couple of years ago.  (April 18 - June)  It covers most of my body.  This time it is on my face.  YES, IT ITCHES.  And when I scratch, it feels like I am on fire.

My trials seemed a bit big this week.  I have made my peace with things.  I am learning from each experience.

I wish you love, patience, and wisdom in your trials.

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