Monday, September 9, 2019

A Visit from Aunt Amy

Scott and I had agreed to care for the animals of friends from church while they were on vacation.  I miss having goats!  We want a pig and a LGD too. (Livestock guardian dog)

My sister Amy was traveling and decided to stop and visit with us.  It was nice to have her here on so many levels.  She lit a fire under just about all of us to clean up some stuff in and around our house. 

 We cooked and ate lots of new yummy recipes.  

  We relaxed a bit.  

We also went to Bakersville.  The garden was flourishing.  Lunch was yummy too.

I got frustrated and overreacted when furniture was moved into the living room without felt pads.  We got felt and life is good again.  We got out pictures and artwork to hang.

I canned and dehydrated some tomatoes. They were grown in a church member's garden and offered to us. 

 I love the look of home canned food in my pantry!

Amelia and I found a couple of turtles along the dirt road to our house.

Amy took most of the pictures and I did not get them onto my album.  Bummer!

I am the Primary President (in charge of children 18 months - 11 years) in our ward (congregation).
I was invited to speak at our stake (usually a group of 7-11 wards) Primary Leadership training meeting.  I was also invited to introduce and teach a song.  Amy asked a few questions about it, so I invited her to come.  And she did.

I was a huge ball of nerves from the time I was asked until I spoke.  But I think it went well.   It was really nice to have her there with me.  She even sang the song I presented.  Despite singing off key, losing my place leading the music, and being intimidated by the very talented women in the room, the message was communicated and it was beautiful. 

I am grateful to be able to serve my Heavenly Father by serving others, especially children.  I am blessed to have Amy in my life.

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