Friday, September 27, 2019

A mechanic in the family?

The starter on our 1997 (farm/get Seth to work and back) truck went out.  A couple of people said to get under the truck and tap it with a hammer and it might get it going again.  
Yes!  That worked.
But it was obvious that we needed a new starter.  Several people said that starters are easy to change out.  Just 2 bolts.  Eric and I were discussing it with our very self reliant neighbors, The Tuckers, and he said not to take it in, that he would change it for us if we didn't want to do it.  Well, that was motivation enough to attempt it.

We got a starter from the auto parts store.  It was suppose to be for the engine and year of our truck.....

Eric was told that there were 2 bolts... and one wire.
So simple!
Just 2 bolts.
He disconnected the wire and got the corroded bolts lose, and learned that the starter was still attached.  What?
There was another wire.
So with one hand holding the weight of the starter he worked quickly to get the other wire free.  It didn't help that I handed him the wrong size socket wrench TWICE.  Oops.

The old starter was not a match to the new starter!
So back to the auto parts store.  The guy at the counter wondered how we even got the starter we bought.  When he looked it up, we were supposed to get a different one. But there were two options.
Decisions decisions.
Why does everything have to be so complicated?  ha ha
The guy got both off the shelf and we matched it up.
Back to the truck....

Less that 30 minutes and we had a new starter in.
Yay Eric!
Eric asked me to get in to start it.
"Oh yeah, I have to hook up the battery."
The truck started right up.
Whoot whoot y'all.

There is a song called I'm Rednecker Than You.  (Parody song contains alcohol and chewing tobacco)  We have fun with this song.  We are NOT rednecker than anyone we know in our area.  But we might be rednecker than someone......  LoL
In any event, we are more self reliant in taking care of our truck.

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