Monday, May 27, 2019

Skin to Scales - yet another rash

We watched How to Train Your Dragon 3 (not my favorite by a long shot) last week.  
I look at my skin and cannot help but to feel a little awesome.  
I don't know too many humans that have scaly skin.  It's kind of freakish to touch.

My doctor said I was ready to do the metal detox.  I was given several new supplements and supports for the protocol.
Ideally, the metal was to be expelled on a cellular level, picked up by the lymph system, dumped into the blood stream, filtered by the kidneys and eliminated.
And shortly thereafter I erupted with blisters.
Despite a very conservative level of detox - 5 drops, it was pushed out of my skin.  I stopped the detox, but the blisters lingered.

The lymph nodes in my neck were super swollen.  I performed lymphatic drainage massage frequently in an attempt to clear up the blockages.

I saw the doctor again....  
She said there was another issue to clear up.  My gut.  I have an imbalance and my gut to lymph system is not working.  No pickles, cranberries, plums, prunes, sauerkraut, or broccoli, and whole new slew of supplements.
A couple of days later My RASH surfaced once again.

Day 2
My forearms swelled a lot, and my knees swelled a bit too.  
The affected areas feel more like a reptile than human skin.

Day 3
My wrists were so swollen I could barely bend them.  Went to BED. 

Day 4
Hot and cold and sweating, tossing and turning, sleeping, sleeping.

Day 5
My knees were so swollen that I had dimples. Bending was difficult, especially stairs. 
In BED most of the day.

Day 6
The rash is still spreading down my legs, and up my chest to my face.
In BED most of the day.
Priesthood blessing in the afternoon.

Day 7
I am thinking a little more clearly and able to be up longer. 
 Incessantly ITCHY!  
Skin is drying, some is hard and crusty, and some is flaking off.

This is a letter I wrote to my current doctor on day 2.


In the past, my rash has usually been red and bumpy and on fire! And then followed by a breakout of blisters.  This time it began with blisters, then it developed into the red, burning, bumpy rash I now have.  
The blisters appeared shortly after I began the metal detox drops.  So that would make sense.  
I know my blisters are because of the metal, but I have not been able to figure out what the red hot bumpy rash is. 

My knees are swollen and the red bumpy skin is painful.  It throbs and feels more like reptile skin than human skin.  My wrists are the same.  My skin is very hot to the touch, and my range of motion is decreased. This has happened each time I have had the rash. 
I have a new symptom: my forearms are painful.  My skin pretty much burns and itches all over.  My forearms are especially tender, deeper than my skin, it hurts at the elbow joint. But not only at the joint.  My muscles hurt when pressed, but it does not seem to be a muscular issue either.  

This rash is on my hands and arms, feet and legs, hips, and trunk up to about my armpits, but not on my breasts.

I wake myself up at night to find myself scratching to the point I have broken the skin.  

The first time I experienced this rash, I was under the care of 4 dermatologists, on 11 different medications. And warned of potential nervous breakdown several times.   The sad part is that nothing they did or prescribed helped.  I have had this rash a couple of times since and chose not to seek western medicine.  I know I will survive this; I have before.

I wrote this on day 4

Today is worse.  Throbbing, burning, sleeping.  Chest slightly heavy.  My knees are so swollen there are dimples, and skin is purplish. I have to keep a sheet between my legs and arms or they stick together. They are weeping clear fluid a little. 

I ran out of the gel the doctor gave to me to help with the itching.  Eric went to the health food store to get olive leaf intrinsic per the doctor's instructions.  He came back with a salve that has been helpful with the itching.

Swollen wrist

Legs on FIRE

Knee dimples!

I have itched on a daily basis for nearly a decade now.  When I have my "RASH" life stops for me.  Nothing else really matters besides surviving the ordeal.  While I do feel a little better, I am not anywhere close to a full recovery, especially if history is an indicator of how things will go.  

I know I am not the only one with struggles and challenges. 
I tell myself and I tell you, whatever you are experiencing: 
 This too shall pass.


  1. This makes me so, so sad to hear this. I'm so sorry you are having to endure this again. I'm praying that it will heal soon and that you'll be blessed with patience through this trial.

  2. How are you now? It's a 2019 post.. so I am just trying my luck

  3. Hello!
    I had another rash that began in September of 21. I still have a small patch on my foot that still lingers.
    This time around, I went to a few doctors: primary care, dermatologist, allergist.
    Despite the dermatologist looking at me like I was CRAZY as I explained my life of avoidance, and thinking she knew exactly what was causing my rash, my biopsies contradicted each other. She was stumped. Surprise! She sent me to an allergist. J was tested for 89 contact allergies. A few were positive, and I avoid even more things. At my follow up with the allergist, it was repeated a few times thst I have a lot going on, I have a lot of issues. She suggested several possible tests, but no course of action. I doubt she knows where to start any more than I do.
    I was on the maximum oral steroid load fir 2+ months. I gained 25 pounds and the rash reappeared when I tapered off to see the allergist. But I refused to go back to the steroids and chose to let it take its course once again.
    Still no answers, and certainly no solutions.
    However, someone mentioned mast cell activation syndrome. That may be a piece of the puzzle and I am working on that now.