Thursday, May 2, 2019

More on Flooring

More like moron flooring....

The unevenness of our floor has been the biggest, and most frustrating, stumbling block in finishing our house.

The threshold from the entryway to the living room.There was a carpet tack strip 1/2 embedded in the cement, Eric broke it open to remove the whole thing.

A closer view of above.

This is in the dining area that we will use as a sitting area.

Another angle of the same thing.

We thought and discussed and consulted numerous people over the course of several months before deciding on a floor type.  We decided on "rigid core luxury vinyl flooring."  It is vinyl flooring on a plastic core with the underlayment already attached.  It acts just like laminate: floating, snap and click, but it can be scored and cut with a utility knife and it is waterproof with a lifetime residential warranty.  Then it took longer than a month to decide on a color and actually order it.

Well, if we are putting in flooring, I want the floor clean before we cover it up!

Making some progress.

I made it to the stairs.  Next up the kitchen area.

Almost all the way across the room!

Despite some discoloring of the stained areas, the entire place is CLEAN.

While I was steaming, I asked the onions to tear out the last 1/3 of the deck so we can finish that "flooring" too.  This side was originally covered by the porch roof and is in pretty good shape, but it is 5/4" thick and we put in 2 x 10s  to make it sturdier because the supports are 24' apart. 

I came out to see a little progress.  The next time I looked, it was practically done!


The living room floor is in, all except the last row.  
The depression and crack in the threshold is not filled in yet.

Then we get to the entryway...
The unevenness is TOO MUCH.  We knew this, but the reality is now upon us.
We had to stop and reassess our plan, again.

So...  lets do the deck!

It's still a work in progress as well.

We are so very close to completion, yet it seems so far away.


  1. The floor is beautiful! How does it feel to have it down I. The living room? Sorry about the unevenness. How will you handle this?

  2. This is looking so great! I’m so very impressed with all you’re doing, Jaimi!

  3. Thank you. When we have a solution and the floor in, I'll share what we did.

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