Monday, April 29, 2019

Sugar Island Farm

We have FRIENDS!
Universally, we all want to feel connected and loved and liked.  Sometimes that's hard when the only people around you are your immediate family members.

There is a family that lives on the other side of our 3.4 mile block, if you can call that a block: it's more like a 5k loop.  Their children are a little younger than the onions, but some match up pretty well.  They are a wonderful family!

This family is amazing.  They are entrepreneurial minded and have all sorts of home business ventures.  In December they offered Christmas activities, including a scavenger hunt, hay ride, visit with Santa, and a story of the Savior, fire, games.  It was lovely and only $10 for the whole family!  We all had a great time.

A few weeks ago they had an Easter egg hunt.  The prizes were too good to be true.  A drone, $75 cash, $50 cash for the oldest group. A hover board, $60 cash, $40 cash for the middle age group. Electric car, electric quad, barn with animals toy for the youngest group.  AWESOME.

The onions have been to public egg hunts before and non have ever won anything big (I think there were a few bicycles for 1000's of children and maybe some store bought Easter baskets with goodies.)  They always went home empty handed and disappointed. 
This time around, they decided they were going to win!  And win they did.  They swept the whole event.  Scott was first in his age group and Naomi was second. Elanor won in the older group with Amelia coming in second and Seth third.

We have been getting together once a week to hang out and to play.  It started out a bit awkward and quickly became the event of the week for our family.  Our neighbors are a wonderful blessing in our lives.

Elanor and their eldest girl riding

Grandpa and the boys came to our rescue when we caught some sick chickens.

We watched the RV get cut up and moved.

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