Monday, April 1, 2019

Broken Bones, Bumps, Bruises, and Burning Bushes

A few weeks ago, Amelia was being silly and pretending to be a duck.  Elanor was not feeling the best and was sitting down.  There was Amelia.... flapping away as if she were a flying duck and smacked Elanor right in the head with her hand.  Amelia began to scream and cry and it was hard to tell just how serious things were.  We went to urgent care the following day.  
Urgent care #1 - X-rays, nothing broken, go get a cheap splint from Walmart and save 60 bucks.
Urgent care #2 - additional x-rays, possible 5th metacarpal box fracture, splint.
Orthopedic specialist - fracture is questionable, cast anyway, for three weeks.

Naomi was playing on Scott's hover board (story to come in a future post).  She slipped and face planted on our deck.  When she lifted up, there was a large amount of blood.  I freaked out a little and Eric took over for a while.  Her teeth cut her upper lip pretty bad and also her lower lip.  Her top left tooth (1 over from center) was moved and the gum was severely bruised.  Eating and talking is a bit though.  She seems to be healing nicely though.

shortly after the bleeding stopped

day #2

day #3

day #4

day #5

Scott also fell.  He skinned his arm near the elbow.  No biggie! 

Seth has been experiencing what I recognized as panic attacks.  We went to the doctor to be certain.  He heart and lungs sounded great, but she ordered an EKG just to be certain.  Everything was good physically.  So it is panic attacks.  
I remember my panic attacks started when I was 10.  My dad thought I was having a heart attack.  I had an EKG and was told I was fine.  It took years to determine I was having panic attacks, and even more years to overcome them.  I hope Seth will have a faster learning curve than me. 
 Seth is in the stage of his life where he wants to grow up but doesn't.  He has been doing much better the last couple of days.

Elanor did get bonked on the head.....  So we are 5 for 5!

Walking through our property is made very difficult by all the brush and thorny bush growth.  Spring has arrived and along with it, the thorny bushes are budding.  NOT fun.  I am really looking forward to burning and learning how to burn our land.  I recently learned that ticks live in the ground and if you burn the leaves as they are waking up, you burn them away.  Yay, another reason to burn. It helps to keep the ticks under control.  I literally learn something new every day.

After eating dinner one night, Elanor went out to take down her hammock.  She came in an announced that the hillside across the valley was on fire!  Wow.  The Tuckers were doing a burn!  I decided to go over and see how this works since we want to do it.  I arrived in the dark and they asked where everyone else was.  I called Eric and everyone came!  I love it that they seem to love us as much as we love them. 

There was a hollow stump with a good amount on leaves at the bottom.  
It looked like a chimney of fire!

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