Monday, February 3, 2020

Naomi's birthday 2020

It's official!  All of my children have reached double digits!

Naomi's birthday was on a Sunday this year.  We went out of town that weekend.  So Naomi got to eat at TWO of her favorite places, rather than one.

Olive Garden

Blaze Pizza

We also stopped for treats.  Of course, almost everything considered a treat, is harmful in the way of gluten and casein issues.  We got the smallest frosty. (everyone but me.)

I cannot get over the straws.  They are seriously out of control LONG!

Despite multiple digestive and bathroom issues for most of us, Scott vomiting in the hotel, and Naomi vomiting the night was returned, the pros far outweighed the cons and we had a great weekend.

The tradition of balloons continues!

Naomi originally wanted a chocolate cake.  I'm not the best at chocolate cakes from scratch and we did not find a GF chocolate cake mix while at a couple of markets.  
Naomi happily suggested a vanilla cake, with colored icing.  I forgot the coloring and she kindly said it was ok.  Naomi's ability to be cheerful and grateful despite her circumstances warms my heart.  She provides a good example for all of us to follow.  

My baby is growing up!

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