Sunday, July 21, 2019

Butts and Ducks

I live is such a beautiful place!  After being away from home for 5 out of 6 weeks, I appreciate my surroundings all the more.

We started off the week by swimming at the creek.  This is the "third crossing" down the dirt road from our house: less than 2 miles away.

I took many pictures!  Almost every time I tried to take a picture, there was a behind facing me.  Once every butt was aimed at me.  I couldn't resist.  Ha ha.

I got a bit frustrated and had to ask that they all look at me.  And this is what they gave me.....

The duck pose!

NOTE": Amelia was at EFY (church camp) this week.

We also canned some lovely tree ripened peaches.  Scott and Naomi walked through every step of the process with me.  Elanor helped a bit also.

Eric installed the flooring in the pantry, finished it with trim, and set up the shelves.
I have a functioning pantry!

We bought more shelving units than would fit the pantry and put those in the laundry room for now.

It feels wonderful that things are starting to have a place, rather than shifting and reconfiguring piles.

The reoccurring thought that has occupied my mind lately is prioritizing.  Am I prioritizing the right things, the best things?  Are my priorities aligned with Eric, and more importantly - are they in harmony with God?  Do I have effective systems in my home?  I have been telling myself that I'll get to that when the house is finished, or when we get fencing in, or when, when, when.....  I realized that I have been waiting for an event in order to change the things I know I need to change, rather than making a different choice now.  Realization is half the battle.  Change is happening!  
I am grateful for the Holy Ghost who guides, directs, and prompts me to change for the better.

“Prayer is a key. Pray to know what to stop doing and what to start doing. Pray to know what to add to your environment and what to remove so the Spirit can be with you in abundance.
“Plead with the Lord for the gift of discernment. Then live and work to be worthy to receive that gift so that when confusing events arise in the world, you will know exactly what is true and what is not."  - President Russell M. Nelson

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  1. I sure love reading your posts! Thank you for sharing your adventures and insights.