Saturday, January 12, 2019

Walking the Property

A few people have asked about our property.....  the actual land.
It is about 28 acres. An average city block (for those in Utah 100 to 200) is about 10 acres.  That makes our property just shy of 3 square blocks.

99% of it is wildly natural.  Flora just grows here.  We have tall trees, and little saplings and everything in between. There is a lot of brush and bushes and vines with thorns.  There are briars everywhere!

We had some wonderful weather.  The temperature got up to 70 degrees one day.  It was too beautiful to be inside.  We went for a walk with most of the onions.

Seth and Elanor purchased a blade and shovel and decided to take their blades to bush whack.

This is a shorter video (3 minutes)  We find a spring.

We explore the north fence line, find a deer trail and signs of animals. (13 minutes)

We travel south down into a valley or gully, find water and maybe a wet weather spring. (12 minutes)

Up the hill to the pond and back home.  Scott climbs a tree. (18 minutes)

These videos covered about 2/3 to 3/4 of our property.  There is also a relatively flat area to the south of the pond.  We didn't get to that and now it's rainy, soggy, muddy, and COLD.  Maybe later.

Let's talk gas.  
The OIL business is an interesting one....  But for now, I am thankful.
When we first moved here in the summer, gas was around $2.50 per gallon

UNDER 2 bucks!  Whoot whoot!

Even lower?  Hmmmm  Is this a trend?

Yes.  Yes it is!

Is this even for real!  Yes!  Love it!

Some interesting moments......

Naomi volunteered to get the picture of the cheapest gas price I have seen in several years.  
She didn't know she took a selfie. 

We bought sheet rock.  No more seats......  Seth got creative!

A gift and our new favorite family game (Rummikub).......  

Sometimes it gets out of control.

Talk about out of control.  
How does sleeping do this to ones hair?

The 80's are alive and well in our home....  
Even if they have no clue why Eric asked them to do a side ponytail.

A little bit of sunshine from California!

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  1. looks like so much fun sister.. and the gas.. really???.. that tops it off!! lol