Thursday, November 1, 2018

We "Actually" Have a Life....


 God made our earth so diverse and so very beautiful.  Fall here almost takes my breath away.

The road leading to our house is postcard perfect!

The "3rd bridge" is a lovely destination for a walk.

A sister in our ward was looking to re-home all of her birds.

Before we could get them, the coop needed to be cleaned.

Seth and Naomi did a great job!

Then we had to catch them.  Scott to the rescue.  
The chickens roosted in a tree, so Scott climbed it and got some for us and then got all he could to put them in the cage so they would be easier to give to the other people taking them.

They transitioned to the coop nicely.  
They come out in the morning, when we open the door, and go back in at dusk.

They forage more than they eat the chicken feed.

They prefer to lay their eggs in the cats' crate. 

We were invited to go on a hay ride with some church friends. 
 The onions had a great time.
Hot dogs, venison chili, hot apple cider and hot chocolate.

Every month the youth (teens) in our church have a "Super Saturday."
This month, it was a trek reunion complete with a pioneer dinner and folk dancing.

Amelia is in the striped sweater with her head turned.

Scott and sometimes Naomi have been climbing trees.

We had left over candy from conference.  
We have been eating it during family game nights.

We went to a ward members house, The Clubs, to borrow a finishing nail gun.  We came away with much more.  Words to contemplate, and books from their library for each of us.

One day the internet was not so great.  (Dropped calls are frustrating.)
Eric worked where he could get good reception.....

My new hairstyle.

The Nauvoo Temple.

Amelia has composed some music.  It is wonderful.
(As soon as Eric helps me figure out how to get audio onto the blog I will post it)

We tore up the deck and had a bon fire.  Twice!

We discovered a leak in our utility room.  It got progressively worse.  But Eric was able to fix it.

The farmer moved the cows into the field adjacent to our dirt road.

Our propane tank is much too small for the size of our house.
So the company that services us brought us a bigger tank to tandem the one we already have.

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