Friday, November 16, 2018

11th Inning Stretch

We moved here 11 weeks ago.  My goal for moving in has come..... and gone.  We are now mostly working on finishing touches.  Most of the painting is done!  Eric installed our master bedroom flooring.  I am cleaning the cement floor in the living room.  We ordered a sample of flooring for the kitchen dining area.  We bought living room furniture, but we have to wait till the first week in December to receive it.  We are so close, and yet, NOT quite done.

Sunrise from our front porch

Sunrise and snow!

I posted about the onions tearing out a closet and finding a weight bearing wall.  We have been debating about how to handle it.  I really like the open feel with the closet gone, but the beam 2 feet into the space is kind of silly.  I think we might put a counter there and try to leave the beam exposed.   I wanted to leave the stairs open with some "rustic wire," but that was too big of a mess to make look right. We ultimately decided to cover the opening to the stairs landing because we are finally in the process of getting our loan and the opening might be considered a safety hazard. 

I am almost done painting!  (I now get to tape, mud, and paint the "new" drywall by the stairs)

I hope to whitewash the kitchen cabinets and attach the new hardware soon.

I was driving Amelia to Seminary at 6:30 am and we found a car with a tree in the road.  I'm pretty sure the car hit the tree.  They were pulling away right as we approached.  They had moved the trunk away so they could pass, but there was a LOT of debris on the road.  
I immediately jumped out and Amelia followed.  We cleared as much as we could.  The road is windy and 55 mph.  It was a little nerve racking, but we were both really glad that we could get through ourselves AND bless other drivers with safe passage where the tree had fallen.  
Amelia smiles when we pass by the tree, so do I.  
I love the good feelings we can have when we do good things.
FYI:  Amelia and I were talking about NOT being late to Seminary so far this year right before we pulled up to the tree.  She helped with the tree and waited for me to get every last bit.  
She said that if she was late, it would be a pretty good excuse.  
We made it on time though!

Eric went to BARCELONA, SPAIN!
The company (based in Germany) Eric works for gets together 
every 6 months for an "all hands" week.
The Mediterranean Sea

European drinking fountain

Octopus, tongue, and cow balls (bull testicles)!

Eric brought back a magnet for our refrigerator, an apron for me, chocolates, and sweatshirts!

Scott has surpassed Amelia in shoe size and Naomi currently wears the same size shoes as Amelia.

We purchased a 1/2 of a Dexter steer.  
Where's the beef?
In our freezer.

It is hunting season and we can get a few tags for our own land, but I am focused on the house and we need a bigger freezer.  Hunting deer is on the list for next year.

Grady Grader came and plowed our dirt road.

Eric and some onions went exploring on our land.

Seth found a tree just like the one sister Nelson talked about in June.

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