Monday, October 8, 2018

Our first visitors!

We hosted our first visitors!
My dad and step mom came to see what we got ourselves into.
We have been living at our house for 4 weeks and it seemed like we were making little progress.  When my parents expressed excitement about how great the house will be when we get it done, my vision and excitement was renewed.
yes, some of us are in jammies

They brought of their dogs.    Max, the 150 pound St. Barnard was a bit sketchy.  He bit Scott and bit Seth twice, barely breaking the skin.  He bit Elanor puncturing her with a canine tooth and leaving other teeth marks.  He was tied to a tree and we called his area the "KILL CIRCLE."  However, Max did warm up to us...  all, except for Elanor.

Elanor was not traumatized, she is hoping for a war scar.  The wound is healing well.

Eric installed the flooring in Amelia's room and the hallway.

Amelia is happy to have all of her shoes available to her.

Elanor set up her bed all by herself.

Seth installed his new ceiling fan and light all on his own.  

We removed the master closet shelving and gave it to the onions for their rooms.  
One was from floor to ceiling, so we cut it down a bit, cutting off the moldy part.

We found mold on and behind some of the shelves.   Eric cut the affected drywall out and removed the moldy insulation and repaired it.  He also made some other drywall repairs.

My dad helped texture walls.

He brought a chainsaw and helped cut down a couple of standing dead trees and haul them near our house.  One had rather good wood and I am hoping for benches for our dining table from the tree.  We were given the chainsaw as a housewarming gift.  We will definitely put it to much use.

He also helped Seth learn the art of BACKWARDS DRIVING for the first time ever.

My step mom took us shopping for bedding!  Everyone found a new bed set that they love.
We went out to lunch and more shopping outings as well.




Amelia (her bed is not yet painted)


I have continued mudding, sanding, and cleaning.  I sold my step mom on my steamer.  She watched me clean a really dirty door, making the dark scratches disappear too.

I find it interesting that am not especially bothered by drywall dust.  Usually when I do a project, I clean it up right away.  Here,our entire house is a project: it is everywhere.  We don't take off our shoes downstairs yet, more dust is coming, so why bother.  Who have I turned into?

I started painting on the main level !

Eric went to New York on business. for 4 days.

In the midst of chaos, demolition, repairs, work, and me, the onions are doing great.  The scholar phase (12-18) onions are keeping up with their online classes.  They put in several hours of independent study and reading, and are doing really well.  They are setting their own schedules and making learning a priority.

Scott set a goal to read the Michael Vay series in one week.  However, our first visitors arrived.  He ended up reading the entire series in 10 1/2 days!  I am seriously impressed!

Scott also enjoyed practicing his fire building skills.

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